Welcome to ScreenStuck!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome to ScreenStuck

Hello there, and thanks for checking ScreenStuck out! There is no publicity when it comes to blogging like links and high traffic stats, so we appreciate your time. Of course, if you find us good, remember to link us! And blog about us too, if possible. If we're... not so good, drop us an email or a comment telling us why. Anime is our passion (we're well-behaved otakus, whether Wyvrn admits it or not) and we want to make sure whoever lands on this page doesn't leave wondering where the last five minutes of their life went.

You can read more about ScreenStuck, Wyrvn, and myself, Farinelli, by clicking on the ABOUT label in the Labels section of the sidebar. But in a really small nutshell, this is our joint anime blog and a majority of our posts will be reviews, both older and fresh running anime, both by series and by episode, both good and bad.

So we hope you enjoy your time here. Anime banzai~!